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Home > Greenhouse Accessories > Brighton Greenhouse Accessories

Brighton Greenhouse Accessories

Here you will find accessories specifically for your Brighton Greenhouse.

 Brighton Greenhouse Shade Nets

50% Aluminum Shade Net
Includes rope and hooks

Description Price  
Brighton 6X4 Aluminet Shade Net Dimensions: 4' 6" L x 14' W
Free Shipping!
Brighton 6X8 Aluminet Shade Net Dimensions: 8' 6" L x 14' W
Free Shipping!

 Brighton Automatic Roof Window Vent Opener

Automatically opens and closes the roof vent/window when temperature changes. The opener has a metal cylinder containing a mineral which expands when heated. This pushes a piston that opens the roof window vent. As the temperature cools, the mineral shrinks and a spring closes the vent and resets the piston. The opening and closing of the roof vent is gradual allowing just the right amount of air flow for cooling.
$79.00   Free Shipping

 Brighton Plant Hangers

These multi-functional plastic hangers can be used inside the greenhouse to hold a shade cloth in place, hold hanging baskets with quarter-inch hooks, and string taller plants and vines. To install, simply insert hangers into the roof rafter channels and twist.
$18.00   Free Shipping

 Patron E 1.5 Heater

The E1.5 sets the standard for 120V electric space heaters. Built to run for 10 years without a break, it features a 116 CFM fan motor which distributes warm air throughout the room in way you never thought possible. Instead of using it to warm a small area/personal space like other common space heaters, the E1.5 is meant to raise the temperature of an entire room by circulating the warm air in a much larger area.

$289.00   Free Shipping

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