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Home > Rion Greenhouses

Rion Greenhouses

rion gh40 professional series greenhouses

Designed for the enthusiast grower, the Rion Hobby Gardener Series Greenhouse family offers double doors and extra space, with sizes ranging from 8' wide and 8' to 24' long.
   >Rion Hobby Gardener HG-8 - 8'6" x 8' 6"
   >Rion Hobby Gardener HG-12 - 8'6" x 12' 7"
   >Rion Hobby Gardener HG-16 - 8'6" x 16' 8"
   >Rion Hobby Gardener HG-20 - 8'6" x 20' 9"
   >Rion Hobby Gardener HG-24 - 8'6" x 24' 10"

Starts At: $1,599.00
Free Shipping and
No Sales Tax!

rion ecogrow greenhouse

Rion EcoGrow Greenhouses
When Rion became overloaded with requests for a greenhouse that included all the great features of our larger models but in a smaller size the result was the Rion EcoGrow greenhouse. They have also included 6mm twin walled polycarbonate side panels which offer superior strength, safety, light diffusion and heat isolation.

Starts At: $1,099.00
Free Shipping and
No Sales Tax!

rion prestige

Rion Prestige Greenhouses
The all-new Rion Prestige is for serious hobby gardeners. They feature a roof height of 8' and a door frame height of 6' 9", making them the largest Rion Greenhouses yet. The Prestige greenhouses feature Clear side panels for the pleasure of viewing from inside or out and come fully outfitted with a variety of helpful accessories.

Starts At: $1,899.00
Free Shipping and
No Sales Tax!

rion greengiant

Rion Green Giant Greenhouses
The Rion Green Giant has the same framework as the Prestige, but features light-diffusing translucent polycarbonate side panels instead of clear side panels. They have a roof height of 8' and a door frame height of 6' 9", which gives plenty of room to work and grow.

Starts At: $1,899.00
Free Shipping and
No Sales Tax!

rion sunroom

Rion Sunroom Greenhouses
Whether you are looking for an attractive, affordable sunroom kit to sit and enjoy the natural relaxing warmth of the sun, or a practical, space-saving attached lean-to style greenhouse, the Rion Sunroom does it all! And it does it at a price that is thousands of dollars below what you would traditionally have to spend on a sunroom kit from most manufacturers!

Translucent Polycarbonate Sunrooms
Start At: $1,259.00

Clear Acrylic Sunrooms
Start At: $1,349.00

Free Shipping and
No Sales Tax!

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