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Home > Snow and Cold Weather Greenhouses

Snow and Cold Weather Greenhouses - Editor Picks


Gardening in your greenhouse through the winter can be a challenge. Let us help make it a bit easier with our top picks for snow and cold weather greenhouse kits.

There are several things to consider when deciding which greenhouse kit will make gardening through the winter the easiest and most productive. First, you will want to select a greenhouse that has a frame that is sturdy and rigid enough to withstand high winds and heavy snow fall. Most greenhouses will do fine when a light snow hits, but what about when a big storm comes through and dumps a half a foot of snow or more? Second, you will want a greenhouse that has the most insulation possible when the days are short and the temperatures frigid. In a greenhouse that means choosing one with twin-wall polycarbonate panels -- the thicker the better. We consider the minimum for a winter greenhouse to be 6mm, although 8mm or 10mm is even better. Single layer glass or polycarbonate may look pretty, but they don't offer much insulation compared to 10mm twin-wall panels. And third, the roof shape / slope. You want a roof that will shed snow and not let too much accumulate. If the roof is too flat it can quickly build up too much weight and before you know it you've got a pile of snow-covered rubble where your greenhouse use to sit. With those considerations in mind we have selected our top greenhouse kits for dealing that have proven themselves to be winter gardening champs!


riga greenhouse in the snow   If heavy snowfall is your main concern, then you can't do much better than a Riga greenhouse. Their unique arched shape and heavy frame can withstand some serious snow loads. They have a combination of 8mm to 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels, and have proven themselves to be a fantastic winter choice.

Riga Greenhouses:
Starting at $5,200.00


grandio elite greenhouse in the snow   Our second favorite for winter gardening is the Grandio Elite. For it's price point it is an amazing greenhouse value, offering an extremely heavy duty frame, very thick 10mm twin-wall panels all around, and extra snow and wind strut supports.

Grandio Elite Greenhouses:
Starting at $2,399.00


grandio ascent greenhouse in the snow   Our third favorite for winter gardening is the Grandio Ascent. If value is a top concern then the Ascent is definitely worth a look. It has a heavy duty frame just like it's big brother the Elite, but for a lower starting price. You also get the extra snow and wind supports, 6mm twin-wall panels all around, and a ridgeline that sheds snow easily.

Grandio Ascent Greenhouses:
Starting at $1,999.00


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