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Sunshine Wood Frame Greenhouses

Why buy a Sunshine Greenhouse

juliana basic greenhouse Sunshine Greenhouse Mt. Hood Series
Mt. Hood models are six feet wide with plenty of headroom at 8'4" tall at the peak. Narrow enough to fit in a limited space, each kit is made with a natural redwood frame, twin wall polycarbonate and includes two vents with automatic vent openers, Dutch doors and a base made with recycled plastic.
NEW FEATURE: Now Available in Single-Door or Double-Door Configurations (1 door at both ends) .

Starting Price:
Free Shipping!

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juliana lean-to carport greenhouse Sunshine Greenhouse Mt. Rainier Series
Our largest Sunshine kits maximize your greenhouse experience. Standing very nearly ten feet tall at the peak and eight feet wide, there is plenty of room for growing and relaxing. Each Mt. Rainier Model is made with a natural redwood frame, twin wall polycarbonate and includes four vents with automatic vent openers, Dutch doors and a base made with recycled plastic.
NEW FEATURE: Now Available in Single-Door or Double-Door Configurations (1 door at both ends).
Starting Price:
Free Shipping!

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Sunshine Greenhouse Product Information

About Sunshine Greenhouses

At Sunshine GardenHouse, nestled in the Pacific Northwest in Longview, Washington, they take great pride in bringing the joy of year `round gardening to folks throughout North America. They've been in business for over 25 years, and building GardenHouses for the last five years. Thousands are in backyards across the country, making Sunshine GardenHouseone of the best selling greenhouse in America. Whether driven by the appeal of delicious fresh tomatoes in the dead of winter, a relaxing sanctuary where cell phones are not allowed, or a protected home for their prize orchids, our customers are resounding in one thing they love their Sunshine GardenHouse. The best part of our day, every day, is reading the comments and seeing the pictures our customers send us. Comments like: "We consider it to be the best purchase we have ever made" or "Your greenhouse has saved me thousands in therapy" or "My husband and I were nervous about building anything, but we put our Sunshine GardenHouse together in 3 hours and it looks wonderful," make our day. We work tirelessly to accomplish two things: 1) to share the concept of year `round gardening with all those that share the passion for making things grow, and 2) manufacture the very best looking, easiest to assemble, most durable, most functional, and best greenhouse value.

Why Buy a Sunshine Greenhouse

Temperature Control:
Each kit includes automatic vent openers for each vent which start opening at about 65 degrees and are fully open at 80 degrees. No batteries or electric supply is required. The hydraulic cylinder is filled with wax, which, when warmed, expands pushing open the vents. They close automatically too.

More Room:
The roof peak is tall providing more growing space, head room and protecting plants by capturing hot air well above growing plants and providing room for hanging baskets.

Beautiful & Long Lasting Redwood Frame:
Redwood is a natural insulator and does not require any special treatment to ensure its long life. Resistant to insects and fungus, redwood is a great framing choice.

A Roof for All Seasons:
The 45 degree pitched roof captures more light in during those short winter days when the sun is low on the horizon. It also reduces the accumulation of snow.

Maximize Flow:
Not only is there a vent at the top of the roof, but also at the lower back to let cool air enter and create cross air circulation.

Amazing Glazing:
The roof and wall panels are made with virtually indestructible polycarbonate. Twin wall construction provides insulation and diffuses sunlight so that the interior receives even lighting. Treated with a UV coating to prevent discoloration and a drip guard coating to prevent condensation from dripping onto you and your plants.

Fungus & Insect-Proof Base:
The base is made of a recycled plastic that looks like wood and that allows you to build your GardenHouse directly on the ground without concern.

Dutch Doors:
Not only is the door attractive, it provides a safe additional vent for extra air flow when needed.

Strong Connectors:
We use strong zinc-plated metal brackets to connect the panels.

Watch Us Build One First:
Each kit includes a video showing the assembly of a kit.

Assembles in Hours:
The only tools required are a 6' ladder, a tape measure and a power drill. The wood frame and polycarbonate are already together for you. Even the door is pre-hung!

Our extension kit lets you add 4' later if you need more growing space.

Optional Bench:
Our matching utility bench is easy to install and makes a great working and growing space.

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