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Juliana Gardener Greenhouses

juliana gardener greenhouse

6mm polycarbonate (double wall, unbreakable polycarbonate panels)
46" wide, double-hinged locking doors (one of which is a Dutch door)
Strong aluminum frame
Reinforced roof braces
Juliana 20 Year Frame Warranty
Juliana 5 Year Poly Warranty
optional galvanized steel base available
Optional 1500 watt heater

Order Juliana
Gardener Greenhouses

Juliana Gardener 16.2 Greenhouse
12.1' W x 14.4' L x 9.41' H

Included Items: 4 Roof Windows (Vents)

Availability: Discontinued

Juliana Gardener 16.2 Base Kit
Galvanized Steel Base for the Juliana Gardener 16.2 Greenhouse.

Availability: Discontinued

Juliana Gardener 18.8 Greenhouse
12.1' W x 16' 9" L x 9.41' H

Included Items: 6 Roof Windows (Vents)

Availability: Discontinued

Juliana Gardener 18.8 Base Kit
Galvanized Steel Base for the Juliana Gardener 18.8 Greenhouse.

Availability: Discontinued

Juliana Gardener 21.4 Greenhouse
12.1' W x 19.1' L x 9.41' H

Included Items: 6 Roof Windows (Vents)

Availability: Discontinued

Juliana Gardener 21.4 Base Kit
Galvanized Steel Base for the Juliana Gardener 18.8 Greenhouse.

Availability: Discontinued

Gardener Series
Optional Accessories

Automatic Vent Opener
Keep your greenhouse at the optimal
growing temperature with automatic
vent openers. They open and close
roof vents as temperature changes.
$79.00  Free Shipping*
Availability: Discontinued

Aluminum Staging Table
Constructed of all aluminum, this unit provides a maintenance-free work and shelving area. 39"L x 22"D x 32"H
$135.00  Free Shipping*
   Availability: Call for Availability

Patron E 1.5 Heater
The E1.5 sets the standard for 120V electric space heaters. Built to run for 10 years without a break, it features a 116 CFM fan motor which distributes warm air throughout the room in way you never thought possible. Instead of using it to warm a small area/personal space like other common space heaters, the E1.5 is meant to raise the temperature of an entire room by circulating the warm air in a much larger area.
Error  Free Shipping*

Motorized Shutter Fan
Maintain consistent greenhouse temperatures with a thermostatically controlled shutter fan. Simply set the temperature the fan should run at and
the system will do the rest!

$175.00  Free Shipping*
   Availability: Call for Availability

Plant Rings - 20 Pack
Securely hang baskets from the
channel of your greenhouse roof.

$29.00  Free Shipping*
   Availability: In stock and ready to ship

The Gardener series greenhouses are ideal for home gardeners with a wide variety of flowers and crops. It makes an ideal outdoor learning environment for schools with plenty of room for hands-on activities. This series is also perfect for market farmers who require a particularly large growing area to start plants. The extra width of this series and wide door opening makes them accessible for wheelbarrows, small lawn tractors and wheelchairs. Ideal for the person who has a large lot of acreage and needs to accommodate a wide array of plants.

The size of the Gardener series allows you to partition off parts of the greenhosue to regulate the specific needs of your plants. Create various microclimates to accommodate different plants' needs, such as cacti or orchids. The high side-walls of these greenhouses accommodate taller plants and expanded growing space - ideal for heavy vine and climbing plants such as cucumbers and tomatoes. Start a multitude of seedlings, winter valuable plants and propagate crops all in one space! If deer are a concern, grow your crops right in the earth - surrounded by the greenhouse they'll be protected from hungry wildlife.

The Juliana Gardener series boasts many of the same structural benefits as the Semi-Professional line, with added height in the roof and side walls and sturdy aluminum framework. However, the Gardener line features a larger variety of sizes with up to over 700 square feet of growing space! Good air circulation - a must due to the larger sizes in the Gardener line - is achieved through roof vent windows and doors. And the double hinged doors open to allow you nearly a four foot wide access.

Don't forget the accessories! Find everything you need to outfit your greenhouse here:
Juliana Greenhouse Accessories
Find accessories specifically for your
Juliana Greenhouse.
General Greenhouse Accessories
Find accessories designed to fit any standard-size hobby greenhouse.

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